Something a bit unique and special. A Black & White Portrait session shot of film and hand printed on to Silver Geletin paper, toned and mounted for that first class touch. Not cheap but will last a life time and beyond.  


Portraits don’t have to be done at a studio.  Outdoor shoots are very popular at the moment, but also, just a simple room with natural light can be a perfect setting for a portrait session.   

Click here to view just a small sample of wedding we have done over the last year.

Product photography doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  From simple pack shots form as little as £25/hour.

Portrait Sessions.

Product Photography

Some Recent Wedding Photography

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Hand Prints from a Portrait Session

For persons working in the Armed Forces and Police Force, will get a 20% discount on all wedding packages, including albums. Please call us for full details.

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We're a experienced photography business located in the West Midlands with over 20 years of experience, delivering high quality and creative images for business and for private individuals…

Thank you for visiting my site. My name’s Adam, and I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly two decade. But I've been passionate about photography since leaving school at the age of 16. - I spent my first months hard-earned wages  on a camera from Dixon's in the old Birmingham Bullring.  It was a Fujica ST605n, a very rudimental camera and bit of a potluck buy really, no web reviews back then, but to be honest, because of its very basic features, it forced you to learn real photography.

Over the years I attended collage to learn more of photography including the early days of digital photography at Oldbury business collage.  But there is nothing like leaning as you go, and so much easier these days with instant results using digital equipment.

Fast forward a few years and I was employed by as jewellery manufacture to photograph and product their colour catalogues for the trade.  From there, I worked for a commercial studio in Birmingham for a number of years, again still learning whilst working.

Now, Adam’s Photography has grown and we are based in Redditch, West Midlands and consists of a number of photographers, all specializing in their particular field on work.  So whether you are after a photographer to photograph your big day, or looking for studio work for a particular product shoot, we have it covered.  We have also photo retouchers using the latest techniques and equipment.

When a client approaches us, we will always spend the time to discuss their projects and expectations.  So if you are a clothing company that require shock photos of the latest line of fashion or someone just looking for a portrait session, or for a couple looking for an experienced photographer to document their wedding, we always spend the time to meet up with those involved.  Whoever you are, we always deliver the highest quality product and service.